Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Ten reasons to envy all beautiful Omanis !!

No doubt beauty has a destination and that’s Oman.
I can give you thousands and thousands of reasons about why should I get the chance to visit Oman. Nevertheless that will turn this write up into a voluminous book; and I afraid that nobody will read the full volume of “burning desires”  (How unfair!!).
So I decided to jolt down ten reasons why we all envy those beautiful Omanis and those luckiest tourists who got chance to visit Oman.
1.  Like everybody else I wish for my chance to visit the 1,00,000 year old industrial complex
 “The Afro-Arabian Nubian Complex”
(More than one lac year old industrial complex….!! Can anybody beat that???...).
2.      Along with it I want to see the “9000(appx.) year old human settlement of late of Stone Age” in “The City of Ibri” and the “Stone Age drawing” on mountain rock face, located in the same district.
      3.   I want to fly high in the steady wind of “Masirah Island” while “Kite Surfing”, and experience the other world class water sports on the beaches; stretched along the Oman coast line, the rocky beaches,the white beaches.
      4. I want to see the marine lives in the unpolluted coast line of Oman.
      5. I want to see wild turtles coming to “Masirah Island” to lay eggs and going back to their natural habitat. I want to see the hatchling going to meet their family back in the Ocean.
      6.I want my heart to flush and jump in the “Fahal Island” with the wild Dolphins’ gaiety jumps in the Ocean.
      7.I want to be one of those rarest and luckiest tourists who have seen Whales visiting the shore in “Ash Sharqiyah” and “Al Wusta” region.
      8. I want to dance with the dunes on a camel back in the desert safari, when wind will pelt the sands of “Wahiba Sands” against my face. 
      9. I have done trekking but caving??? Nope! Never have done it. I want to see world`s largest cave system – the mighty “Al- Hoota cave”. I want to bring back my very own friendly Jinn from world’s second largest cave “Majlis Al Jinn” –the Jinn’s meeting place.
     10. I want to buy my unique handcrafted silver neckpiece from “Omani Souqs” to make my friends jealous to death. 
My list of reasons to visit Oman is never ending and a never dyeing list. 

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