Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The morning potion of smell in a Mumbaikar's life!!

Our morning dose of smell as a Mumbaikar:-

5.30 am: 
Fresh smell from balcony garden, soft breeze of 12th floor, yoga with soft “ zen music”,  morning flows like a supple silk hovering  your senses.

6.30 am: 
Door bells rings. Maid enters with tornado speed smell of the sweated flesh pervades. Three houses to attend no time for morning bath.  Cool down Gargi! I assured myself, it’s just the beginning of daily life for a common working woman. (Tell me if I am wrong friends!).
Sandalwood scented soap commingled with freshly lit sandalwood incense sticks, bath taken.

7.30 am: 
Husband drops at station.  The fog swathed openings, fringed by western-ghat range- smell of beauty.

7.45 am:
The train starts. The smell of fresh air, bit nippish… re freshens the senses. One station, two stations, three stations, the crowd jumbles up.
THEN SHE ARRIVES!!! –In different shapes and forms though on daily basis.

Scene I

A non-bona fide passenger aware of her forbidden rights, confident about her daily-fish market-hustle-competition- empowered vocal cord and the SMELL!! Turns off all the ventilation, whacking out the morning softness, desperate search of the trainload “Are the fans working?” The feeble effect of the vigorous effort of the whirring-above things increases the sense of suffocation. Luckily these fish market smell clears off between Mankhurd-Govandi-Chembur stations. But the reminiscence stays!! What a hedonistic experience. J

Scene II

Then enter the sophistication cladded beauties unaware of their wonderstruck. The unwashed wardrobe-forgotten apparels all of a sudden caught the owner’s eyes. The  try on old cloths for a new look concocted with smell of unwashed hair, face-powder, freshly painted nails, faint smell of new bag and shoes can make you enough dizzy to fell out of the couch if you are not strongly holding balance.

Our daily journey to office continues....with an self assuring hope of coming back home to wash off all daily-smelly business with a hot bath. :)

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